Sunday, March 18, 2007

Wah Ustad Wah!!!

I have this habit of cracking jokes and puns and PJs at my working place. This helps in easing the stress and also makes your reportees and those around you, at ease!

Recently, I had cut down on my 'quick retorts' since many old people had quit and there were new joinees around! All were still getting used to each other !!!

Just like everyone meets their Ustad one day, so have I ! This person who reports to me lately is my ustad. When I hand him SWIFT payment advices to check in the system if the related bill is already 'paid' saying, 'Please check if it is 'paid' ', he retorts, 'I can say by just looking at it that it is not 'ped' (tree) but paper'!

But no one can beat the original Ustad, can they? So yesterday, when I asked him why his work output was not upto the mark, he replied, 'Aaj tabiyat down tha' (today my health was down). I look down around me and retorted 'But I can't see it there'! Heh heh.... Applause, please!

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