Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Splurging people's money!

Gosh ! Mayawati's massive money garland has been the talk of recent times! First almost spoiling the backdrop of Taj Mahal in the Taj corridor issue, her birthday dramas, the self statues, then elephant statues.... she's always in the news for all the wrong reasons! Yet she cries foul on being questioned and talks about Dalit issues!

She splurges money on non-development . Her birthdays can cause a hole in many pockets and once it even reportedly cost someone his life for not contributing for the cause! A party worker even wanted to present her with a plot on the moon, it is heard. Her self -obsession has seen lots of money being spent on making her own statues! It's very rare to see statues of live people, that too build by themselves. This might have happened during the rule of Emperors and the like... and later destroyed by new kings or rulers! I wonder if we even have enough statues of great people of our country. And one cannot hope to go down history as a great leader just by many huge statues! Nor do statues make a person big or small, it's one's deeds which people remember. In history, all this might go down as a piece of 'gimmick'. If self-statues weren't enough, we next heard of the party symbol- 'Elephant' being immortalised ! And now we have crores of rupees being spent in the name of the party's 25th anniversary celebrations through garlands and rallies and other expenses! And whose money is this? State money, which is 'people's money'. And when it's people money, it calls for 'Right to Information' (RTI) on how the BSP funds are being handled. The other enquiries and probes come later.

Whenever Mayawati is questioned about anything or not considered for any position or role, she starts screaming 'Dalit, Dalit'. But why does she not think of the starving, hungry children of the Dalits when her party workers waste money on merry-making and rallies and statues! The unemployed Dalit men and women can be employed within the villages through Small Scale Industries and Welfare Projects with the crores of money, which is spent elsewhere. Why doesn't the Dalit community itself voice their concerns over using their name just to come to power? Or is the community made to think that their place is where it is and they should not expect more than what is given to them! Most caste divides were made by the rich, powerful and the religious leaders themselves to show their supremacy... and it seems to continue to this day! If the Dalits are given good jobs, money etc then on whose name will these parties earn their votes???

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samurai said...

she is going the jayalalithaa of the problems with democracy is that the people in power decide to let loose.the ruling party is afraid that it will lose power and the opposition is afraid that it will never regain power.if the parties have an ideology,it does not matter whether they are in power or not.if mayawati wants to do good work,taking everyone along will not be,she resorts to projecting is never possible for individuals to run a government.a party with a broad ideology is the only sustainable way to survive and do the normal work.

Shagufta said...

If everyone truely works for the society, then we do not need to depend on people in power for action. Everyone needs to do their bit!

Morever, what is this term Dalit ? If one is no longer in the profession, which used to qualify one being termed as a Dalit nor financially backward anymore, do you still qualify to be a Dalit? An affluent and influential woman like her calling herself a helpless 'Dalit ki beti' when not given power or when questioned on her actions, sounds a bit filmy! But I guess that's what politics is all about!

Moreover, I fail to understand the caste system

samurai said...

it is not all about profession,it is about a capitalistic class who slowly end up controlling the money.then,there is a priestly class which has no roots,it is nomadic and has always tried to find some slot to fit has to invent fantasies to keep itself in business.the capitalistic class begins liking the pleasures of money and looks out for a way to control the working class.without the working class,there is just nothing that can be done.the priestly class and the capitalistic class slowly gravitate to each other and find each other useful.that is the origin of the caste system.

some of the capitalists decided to take the easy way out and partnered with the priestly class.sooner or later,the game had to end.naturally,it has been found out beginning about two centuries back.

mayawati is the last piece of this turnaround,but the problem is that the old partnership has still not accepted the fact that the caste system it invented is the most shameless way to cling to the esteemed positions of society.