Monday, March 08, 2010

How movies influence kids !

My sister’s nephew, who is in 2nd standard, is a big Salman Khan fan. He loved the movie ‘Wanted’ very much. He lives in Baroda. One day he was making plans with his friends for playing. His mom told him not to go anywhere as he had not done his studies. Suddenly he gave a look to his Mom and came close to her. Then he blurted out, ‘Maine ek baar commitment kardi toh fir main apni bhi nahin sunta!’ – a dialogue straight out of the Salman starrer ‘Wanted’!!! (meaning – ‘once I make a commitment, then I don’t even listen to myself’.)


sk said...

After a long time, some update to your blogs.
That was really a good one. This is what our Indian movies are for. It gives inspiration to so many. Some of the movies used to influence me also when I was a child. Even now, I get inspired. Sometimes by the angry, young man types. And sometimes by the happy-go-lucky types. These movies, characters and songs have been an integral part of our lives. I just love them.....

Shagufta said...

Yup, true! Nowadays kids are exposed to media so much so that they walk, talk and act with TV and movie influence!