Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Most Eligible Bachelor indeed !

I’ve caught a few moments from the recently concluded ‘Rahul Mahajan Swayamvar’. It projected him like the most eligible bachelor in India. We all know his past antics – his drug abuse, wife abuse, his career which didn’t take off, his behaviour with 2 girls on Big Boss! But when you saw the girls who were eager to be his better half, they were mostly models and actresses who were used to limelight and being in the news. I don’t know much about all the contestants (as I didn’t follow the programme properly), but I guess only Nikunj was a non actor. You want good people to win most contests, but in this case I am happy she was not selected. Maybe in the long run she too will realize that. Rahul’s behaviour throughout the show appeared very un-gentlemanly!

I saw the Sangeet programme on 5th March, more so because it was a glamour event and had some dhamaal masti. I also caught the final moments of the actual garlanding of the bride, followed by the wedding ceremony on 6th March. Maybe Rahul has finally found his match this time around (literally)!

I don’t know what others think, but according to me the entire concept of a having a 'swayamwar' for a boy is somewhat incorrect. That too in Indian society, where failed engagements and broken rishtas can cost a girl a lifetime of non-marriage! What surprises me is that these girls’ families allow their daughters to break their own heart. The purpose of a swayamwar was originally for a girl from a princely family to select the most eligible bachelor. In those days, females never openly spoke out their choice, so ‘swayamwar’ came to the rescue, where the best men were chosen to participate. This 'reversed swayamwar' of Rahul Mahajan made a mockery of giving girls a right to choose. The first and second swayamwar were both a way of adding adult contents on television in the disguise of Indian culture. Having mehndi and sangeet ceremony with three people of the opposite sex is kinda kinky! And I find the participation of the respective families in all this nautanki including the final function even more stupid, where two people walk home feeling small and heart-broken! The selection (or swayamwar) should be earlier followed by sangeet and finally marriage with the selected person. Because in the end, you never know whether to treat the final wedding party as a celebration of the new couple or a mockery of the non-selected ones !

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