Saturday, February 07, 2009

Regional dadagiri at it's height !

People just need a reason for spreading terror/ dadagiri. We have the MNS fighting for rights for the Marathis. That's fine. But to cause harm to others in the bargain is not the way ! Moreover love for own kin does not necessarily have to mean hatred for others. Also, slowly this is also becoming a ground for some people to take advantage of the situation and spreading 'dadagiri' in their own way. Recently, two eunuchs dressed jazzily in tight western attire and bright make-up pushed their way into the First Class Ladies compartment on the Virar local. Generally when eunuchs get in, no one bothers to tell them anything because you can only expect gibberish from them. One woman standing near the door happened to ask them whether they carried a first class ticket. That was it ! One of them started her spat of bad words, curses and what not ! And to top it she started in Marathi and finally declared - 'Mee Marathi Chakka aahe. Maazha janm Mumbai-cha aahe............ Tujhi himmat kashi zhaali amhala kaahihi bolaichi..... ?' (I am a Marathi chakka. I was born in Mumbai..... how dare you tell eunuchs anything....?). This is the most funniest non-political regional declaration I've heard in recent times.