Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Terror for Religion's Sake - Part 2

After the recent relevations and confirmations that certain terror outfits are operating from Pakistan, no wonder that tho' government knows and wants to do something about it (maybe), it becomes more difficult for a Muslim Government to weed out such organisations because outwardly they wear a religious shawl. And some of the organisations had been groomed and grown by the earlier rules / dictates for parallel support to their existing military against India (mainly) and have some other agenda as well. It is a similar situation wherein certain Hindutva preaching banners/ parties feel embarassed after the Malegaon Blasts revelations. The agenda coming out of the entire of the people involved is truly unbelievable. Some want to support them openly, some secretly, some openly oppose. But everyone wants to keep silent. Religion is truly a sensitive issue for many.

And if that wasn't enough, we now have the 'Ram Sena' imposing religious dictates on people. Religion should be preached peacefully and with love. And one should leave the following part to individuals based on their intelligence. When we force religion down the throats, it amounts to nothing less than terror.

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