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Treatment for your Illnesses by doing Sujood- My version

This post takes us a step further from my earlier one and is addressed to all those people who think that the article The benefits of Sujood (Sajda or Prostration) is fake and the Professor/ doctor / scientist who has done research on the same does not exist.

Whenever we try to study or find out the authencity of a study or theory, our main aim should be to find whether the findings are true, but we try to find about the author. And when we fail to find out about him, we conclude that the study/ theory might be fake. This generally happens in cases when our mind works with the intention of proving something wrong. What we fail to understand here is that an author/ writer could be anyone. One day a layman might do a research and write about it. And also share about it to others. His credentials might not even be on the Net. He/ she might be a small time researcher/ scientist. I still know of some people who never or hardly use the internet. A couple of my school friends do not even have an email ID ! The world exists outside the internet, friends. And not everything that happens in every inch of the world might be available on Internet alone.

Coming back to the topic and the research of Dr. Mohamed Diaa El Deen Hamed- the findings state three important points (I am only listing the main points here) :
1) If you are suffering from exhaustion or tension or permanent headache or nervousness and if you are afraid of tumors, so all you have to do is Sujood. Sujood frees you from your psychological and nerves illnesses.
2) Any increase in the electromagnetic waves to which the body is exposed, causes disruption in the cells and consequently the human being is infected by what is called the diseases of the ear; such as headaches, muscles pain, neck pain, exhaustion in addition to forgetting things and non concentration. There has to be an earthling’s connection to free these extra waves and this is to be done by Sujood to ALLAH Almighty, as we are ordered. This process is done by connecting the forehead to the floor. In Sujood, the negative waves move from the body to the floor which is a negative pole. Consequently, the emptying process happens specially if you done the Sujood by your seven members (forehead, nose, hands, knees and feet).
3) The studies revealed that Mecca is the best direction to free these waves because of facing the centre of the Earth which is effective in freeing the human being from his grieves to feel peacefulness afterwards. That is because Mecca is the centre of the Earth.

When you read the entire thing, it is not as complicated as it seems like. Even a non scientist like me can use his/ her common sense and compare other related studies and come to the conclusion that this is true and proven. We have all heard of Yoga. I am an Indian, where yoga is the best form of exercise. It is the land from where Yoga originated. It started as a form of religious meditation and slowly grew as a scientific form of maintenance of mind, health and body. Yoga is now a well known branch of science and is proven for its effects in relaxation, weight reduction and cure of diseases. There are several 'asanas' (poses) in Yoga which have different effects on your mind and body. One of the Asanas is 'Balasana' (Child pose). If you observe this pose, it is similar to prostration or sajda or sujood.

Let me state the benefits of Yoga posture - Balasana (taken from a Yoga site) :
This is a good yoga position to relax in during fatigue. The knees increase in flexibility and blood flows into the mind.

Benefits : This pose stretches the knees and the lower back. It is a very good pose to do to get blood to the brain and is recommended if you have dizziness or extreme fatigue. You may want to open the knees a little more if you suffer from over acidity. This will create more room around the belly. It also allows deeper breathing.
Muscles tendons and ligaments in the knee are stretched. These are the patellar ligament, the articularis genu, the head of the popliteus, the tendon of the quadriceps femoris, the ends of the vastus medialis and the medial retinacular ligament, vastus lateralis and the lateral retinacular ligament. Further up the gluteus maximus, gluteus minimus and upper hamstrings are stretched.

Blood Circulation :
Apart from Yoga, our own scientific knowledge tells us that blood should freely circulate through the entire body to keep all parts healthy and in good working condition. When our body movement is less (i.e we are mostly sitting or standing), we tend to get lethargic. Excessive sitting in one place for long hours without movement even leads to numbness and swelling in feet. This is because most of the blood settles down. It does circulate. But not as freely as it should. Hence movement of body is important to keep the blood circulating well. Head is the topmost part of the body. And blood cannot rush there. Because it will be anti gravity. When you touch your head to the ground, blood rushes to your brain and it makes you feel fresh or relaxed.

Centre of earth (Mecca) :
Proving this one was the difficult part. But my previous post proves that point also through the link provided ( The research is beautifully concluded with the lines - 'We can say that every thing on and in the earth directs its face to Mecca where the Moslem Kabba lies , this system will go on , according to God’s will , to a certain time assigned by God , this accurate unwavering system can’t be out of a chance ; it is a supernatural power that made it and is still keeping it going on ? That is God , who rose the heavens with unseen pillars .

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