Thursday, April 03, 2008

Is Mecaa the Center of the Earth ?

I was doing a research regarding an article stating ‘Benefits of Sujood’ doing the rounds through many emails and on many sites. Though many people appreciate the same, there are some people who think that the credentials of the scientist/ biologist/ professor -Dr. Mohamed Diaa El Deen Hamed cannot be verified. I had a post on my blog to that effect. I started by search for the professor without any major breakthrough. The only place I found the most similar name (of a scientist) was on the Egyptian Atomic website. Since the mails mentioned Dr. Mohamed Diaa El Deen Hamed as "Professor of Biological Sciences" and "Head of Food Radiation Department in Radiation Technology Center", his name being on an Atomic website made sense with the second half of his profile- Radiation technology. So I wrote to the email ID mentioned therein asking him if he was the same person and the research I was doing to find out the authenticity of the article. I did not get any response for reasons unknown to me. Scientists are busy people after all. Later I had some people even doubting if Mecca was actually the centre of the earth ! My love for Islam did not allow me to believe that. Some people though believed the facts from within their hearts were unwilling to share the same with anyone fearing Muslims would be called fabricators! Islam is already suffereing due to many misconceptions!

On doing further research, I came across this article/ research and I my heart was thrilled. It was titled -
Mecaa is the Center of the Earth.
It is posted on a blog, the link of which is :

Mecaa is the Center of the Earth
Dr. Salih Muhammad Awadh
Iraq , Baghdad university , faculty of science ,
Geology Dept
Translated by : Magdy Abd Al-Shafy

Clink link to read article. Or search web with above details. Pictures could not be pasted. And the article is best explained with diagrams.

Anyone with any more information regarding Dr. Mohamed Diaa El Deen Hamed or his research or any additional information regarding the blessings of Allah, are welcome to share the same with me


Saleemi said...

I do agree with you. I also did research on this topic. In some emails/blogs it says a non-muslim scientist while at other places it claims to be an Egyptian scientist. So the whole thing from the beginning looks like a fluke. There is no published research as well which makes the whole thing suspicious.

Shagufta said...

What's suspicious about this ? We read a lot of researches, but do not go about tracing the scientists! But yes, from the name - it seems that he is Egyptian. I'd done some net-searching and came across this name in big scientific leagues. But don't know if he's the same person.

Shagufta said...

Also, the benefits of sujood are now scientifically proven too. There is a similar posture in Yoga which is supposed to give the same benefits we derive from 'Sajda'.