Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tu khwaab sajaa

In dinon man mera
Mujhse yeh keh raha :

Tu khwaab sajaa

Tu Jeeley zara

Hai tujhe bhi ijazat
Kar le tu bhi mohabbat.

I am tired now of being Agony Aunt for many people/ friends for many many years and helping some find their dreams.... Guess its time for me to find my own dream now and live happily.

Everyone has a right to love and be loved. And this song depicts the feelings very aptly! And wonderfully sung too! Such fusion music creates magic. Classical with rock (electronic guitar). Good. Many such songs are doing the rounds these days. And they are truly appealing.


chandra said...


random browsing brings me to you...

i like'angels with a purpose',..i also am happy... i now know what 'eid' means.

as you are fond of art, come meet me at :

warm wishes


Shagufta said...

Thanks Chandra for visiting my blog n acknowledging it's existence! I checked your artwork and interiors! They are truly amazing!