Sunday, April 08, 2007

Angels with a Purpose

We often hear of Angels but how often do we see them around us?

I believe that many of us come with a purpose in life. God assigns a purpose to some of his people and sends them to make difference in another favourite person's life. Some of God's favourite people are assigned with this task much too often while some once in their lifetime.

When a person is down in life and prays for help, God cannot come personally for God has no form. So he sends his angels. These are people like you and me sent to make a difference in our lives. Sometimes we are assigned this duty. And believe me, its a tough job! Often we wonder why are we doing certain things which we are doing. Sometimes even get hurt in the bargain. Finally we realise that we are just playing our parts. A part of which God is the director!

I have been through tough times myself and a couple of very good friends have been through my pain like Guardian Angels. Its because of these angels that we survive. The less fortunate ones, end up shattered and broken and even dead!

I would consider myself fortunate if I have made a even a little difference in any life. But like all assignments come to an end, Angels have to move on when the purpose is served.

Thanks to all the Angels who've been part of my life!

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