Sunday, February 11, 2007

Love is in the Air

Had gone to a gift-cum-card shop today and the entire store seems to be speaking the language of love. Its not only that place. All of the major shopping malls, gift shops seem to be blooming with Love.

You can see Love cards stacked everywhere ! From tiny cards to huge ones, each card is special in its own way ! You have hundreds to choose from confusing some who end up taking 2-3 cards. Even if u're not in love, just reading them makes you feel good ! But you could even gift cards to near dear ones whom you love- there are V Day cards for all relations. Apart from cards, there are heart shaped cushions, pillows, small cute hearts for giving away ! There are teddys holding bright red hearts, heart shaped key chains.. you name a thing and its been shaped into a heart!!!
There are chocolates in heart shaped baskets, cosmetics and accessories in heart shaped boxes, love stickers, love stationery, love this , love that..... so many things to make you mushy. It seems that the whole is in Love all at once!
This year they've included cards for the not so fortunate ones also... Something like saying goodbye.... it talks of love in the past tense and adds Goodbye in the end. Also cards for people cheated in Love to remove their khunnas!

In short Love is in the Air! Its as much in Mumbai air as it is anywhere else. In fact, it's everywhere!

I wish I could be gifted a Gift of Love too! I am waiting since half my life...... hmm! Is anyone hearing? Valentine's Day is just a few days away!

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