Saturday, February 10, 2007

Kahaan hai zindagi!

These past two weeks have been very taxing work wise!

Leave house at 8.30 - 9.00 am..... slog slog slog..... till its 11 pm !

Then toil to go home..... yawn ! Long journey ahead..... first by road... then by train!

You reach home finally around 12 am (Daddy has this duty of picking me from station at late hours!).... all are already in bed. Eat something while TV is on, then jump into bed by 1 am only to get up at early next morning to go into the same loop !

I've taken an off this Sat (10/2/2007) for working on a holiday. That makes it two days off ! Good!

Inn do dinon mein hum jee lenge apni zindagi!

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samurai said...

hi shagufta,how do u stay fresh during the day,u ve gotto absolutely enjoy work.also saw ur photo and read all ur blogs,a blogs like reading a diary,it was a sentimental journey with lots of lighter moments.