Sunday, February 25, 2007

Ladies, please spare us (some dressing tips!)

For women only- What to avoid wearing!

I've been thinking since a long time to have a say in this regard. You come across it daily. Okay, okay... I am talking of the wierd dressing sense of some girls. But what made me write about it in the first place is - girls in trousers. And before you think, I am against girls wearing trousers, let me clear that it's nothing of that sort. It has more to do with the way you carry it!

An advice to all those girls who wear panties inside their trousers- Please spare us your loose or ill -fitting undergarments. In tight trousers of fine materials, it makes a stupid outline on the backside which is quite an unbecoming sight! Unless you are purposely wearing it to attract unwanted attraction, please switch to boy-shorts or trouser panties, which are undergarments shaped like shorts. These cover your entire backside to avoid giving you any embarrassing outline! They are available in brands like Calvin Klein and other brands (mostly non-Indian). But you have to ask for it. Even the Indian Jockey has come with it. So lady, please use them with your trousers!!! (check the picture at the side- there are no outlines!)

And for all those trying to look sexy in sasta (cheap) stuff, please remember that a camisole, even with a cute flower or design is a undergarment and not a SPAGETTI TOP!!! For heaven's sake, you can't fool anyone with that kinda fashion sense! It will attract the wrong kinda attention because people are not fools!!!

And for those Indians who come to office in casual salwar khameez, which is nearly faded and bought 5-6 years back, please use them at home! Spare your fellow office goers such a sight and think of the company's reputation! The company pays you, so have 3-4 good clothes, if you can't afford many. And I've seen some people working in very good organisation and attracting good salaries also acting stingy where office dressing is concerned. These are people who always crib and complain about how less many they have and finally go on to buy huge houses and later cars! If you want to look smart in less cost, please buy synthetic material in lesser price range to stitch your salwars suits! They will last longer than cotton or khadi! Cotton needs special care and if you cannot give it, don't buy it !

And please remember to wash your clothes after every wear because Indian climate requires it! Spare your fellow human beings the odour! We Mumbaiites travel is very crowded trains, which is a challenge in itself. Bearing fellow commuters with excess oil and once or twice worn clothes is a bigger challenge! Even your oil can rub into the face of the person standing behind you, who is already struggling to stand properly especially in Virar trains!!!

Thanks for listening !

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