Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Residual Journalism

Most sections of newspapers now cater to social media marketing by publishing paid articles floated by Corporate Communications Departments. This started as an advertising tool by companies and is now being used by political parties as well. Everyone is concerned about image management now. So much so that I no longer refer to snopes or hoax-slayer. Cause if you can filter and release news, then you can even clean your image there.

Even celebrities sell their holiday or special occasion pictures now. Gone are the days when Paparazzi had to sneak up. 

The only real news we hear is local revenge, domestic violence /disputes registered with police stations. Further when the current journalists have nothing to print as most organizations opt for social image management, you can expect them to come to your house paying you to publish your home news. Then the headlines will be 'Saas bahu refuse to see each other', 'Humans celebrate birthday of their cat/dog', 'Husband fought with wife at 7th Road'... This news would surely sell as everyone seems curious to know what's happening in another's household!

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