Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Learning new lessons and re-affirming the lessons learnt from life

I've been learning a number of lessons in my Image Consulting class. In our first session, we learnt a lot of lessons on self motivation, acceptance of yourself and changing mindsets.

Sometimes, living in a closed environment, exposed to a certain kind of thinking only, we start to follow the mentality of the people there, not questioning if it will matter to you.

There was the example of the 6 monkeys closed in a room with a opening in the roof, who were first exposed to water spraying the moment anyone of them tried to escape. Then some monkeys were replaced after a while. But the old ones tried to pull them down due to what they experienced earlier. Slowly all were replaced till none in the room ever experienced water spraying, but had learnt from the earlier ones that it's the way to behave. They continued behaving like that till no one tried to escape. They just knew they had to stop others who tried. Most of us have heard this. That's how mentality is built. Some thoughts are instilled into us. And we keep following them without knowing why they started and whether they have any value today. Or what benefits they will bring.

Another story is of the fish and the frying pan. A child asked her mother why she cut off the head and tail of the fish while frying it. Her mother replied that it's the tradition of the house and she learnt from her mother. Then the child went to her grandmother and asked her why she cut off the head and tail of fish before frying. Her grandmom said that she did it cause she saw her mother do it. The child went to her great grandmother and asked the same question.
And this is what her great grandmother said :"I did it because my frying pan was too small to fry the whole fish". :-)

We all are somehow like that. We just follow others without thinking. We like to be in our comfort zones. Never exploring other options. Never thinking on our own. 

If we want something good and different to happen in our lives, we should do things differently. Same style and ways will get you the same results.

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