Sunday, October 04, 2015

She Lets Kids Creativity Soar by Giving them Wings!

As I walk into the office of Supersonic Aeromodelers at Bandra, I am greeted with a broad smile and warm welcome. That's Dilshad Ahmed for you. With a vast banking experience behind her, she is now a successful entrepreneur and give wings to kids' dreams!

Dilshad- giving kids wings!

Having worked for 5 and 1/2 years in Andhra Bank, 7 and 1/2 years with Societe Generale, 10 years with DBS Bank and 2 and 1/2 years with IBM, she decided to leave banking behind and try something new. For a while, she worked with 'For She', a car rental company, which taught women to drive and be self-reliant. The company changed the life of many women. Even men brought their simple housewives to learn driving. Dilshad told me about an autorickshaw driver who brought his shy and soft-spoken wife to their organisation and requested them to make her smart and independent. And so she and her team did. Though, For She is defunct now, many women who learnt driving are doing well for themselves, while some are plying for a women's car rental company.

When ForShe closed, Dilshad wanted to do something on her own. She went through various business options, including franchisee businesses. That's when the idea of aero modeling came to her mind. I asked her, 'Why aero-modeling? It's something very off-beat and was a risky business option.' She told me that she realised that in India, children had very little access to develop their scientific minds and abilities. There were not many options and avenues available for them here. So, she decided to fill the gap. And set out to learn aero-modeling. Once done with that, she then moved to taking classes of her own. It began with her house, where kids started to come to learn the art. Slowly, she started conducting workshops at schools and eventually now has her own office and has also started her own line of aeroplane model DIY kits. Some of these are flying airplane models while some are not. For the younger kids, she uses foam cut-outs to make the aeroplanes. She now operates under the name of Supersonic Aeromodelers and is happy with what she started and where she has brought it.

A few aeroplane models hanging at Supersonic Aero Modelers office
She told me that the kids enjoy making these aircraft models and ensure that they complete making it whenever she holds sessions for them. She even sells other science DIY kits for kids. And yes, why only kids, Dilshad points out that even older people can learn from this art and buy her models. She is also assisted by her sister at times.

Supersonic Aeromodelers will soon come with an exclusive website to sell their aeroplane DIY kits and also other science kits. It is now sold exclusively through her only. Online selling will give people outside Mumbai and Pune also the opportunity to buy the Aeroplane kits. This she hopes will help develop childrens' scientific minds. And I hope so too and wish her all the best.

To have more insight into the activities of Supersonic Aeromodelers, you can check their website: 
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Go, give wings to your kids' dreams. Maybe it will inspire him to be a pilot one day.

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