Saturday, October 10, 2015

My risotto with curry please!

Today I happened to go KFC while coming back from some place as I was hungry and thirsty. 

While I was placing my order, a woman in the parallel line was placing her order for rice bowl with chicken popcorn (same order as me). The funny thing was that like all curry loving Indians, she was insisting that the rice bowl to have extra curry. And the cashier didn't know what to do. Every chain food restaurant follow their unique style and recipes and this rice bowl has a unique continental style and is filled with one layer of masala sauce in between, which is like a gravy. But that gets absorbed in the rice. Indians love for curries is well known. It's really funny when certain people even insist on gravy or extra masala with even biryani. Maybe that's why the Hyderabadi biryani comes with some thick gravy as an accompaniment And then there are some who eat fried rice with overflowing wet manchurian. Then some who want their food wet and can't find curry, will buy curd and smear their pulaos, biryanis, risotos, fried rice, tawa rice and what not with it, else food wouldn't go down their throats.

I am fine with my food being dry. Else as long as the food is well flavoured, I can savour it. I love fish curry though and yes, jhinga (shrimp) curry.

I liked the rice bowl with chicken popcorn just like it is. The basmati rice used in it made it fragrant and flavourful. And I love the crushers. Especially the chocolate one. And since KFC serves Halaal chicken, that's one place I can eat without worries. McD and Burger King make no sense to me as I don't understand burgers. I know only the Indian burger, vada pav. And that also I prefer the batata vada without the pav.

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