Monday, December 16, 2013

Are you an open book?

I Guess My Life's An Open Book 
Anyone Can Take A Look 
No Secrets Here 2 Hide 
This Is Just Me! 
Holidays They Come Go 
Feelings Change people Grow 
All I Know Is I Like Being Free 
Da Da Da I Wil Be Fine 
This Is Me Now 
But I Could Chage Anytime !!!


Beautiful ads Vodafone has! Nice, sweet and emotional song!

But keeping the emotions aside from the song, let's look at this. This is true of so many people now.... everyone's life has become an open book! Thanks to Facebook. And other social networking sites.
You get trapped in the puzzle and there seems no way out. You are given information you never needed, you get to see posts you never wanted to see, your blood boils with some people's opinions. You want to scream, shout.... but there seems no way out. After 3 years or so with facebook, and trying to make it a mini blog, I closed the book of my life from public view! 

And now when I look back past 1-2 years, I was so hooked to it via net and via mobile, it seems so silly! Its such a waste of time and talent. And time is the biggest constraint. Now I've got time and yet too busy utilising every moment with new found goals and cause in life and running here and there. Not a moment to spare. I may not be visible anymore, but I am very much there! 

Now when I see people hooked to their phones even in public places, causing nuisance to others in crowded trains and stations, (thankfully I wasn't that hooked, I was alert at the same time) I feel this entire exercise is such a waste. Sometimes it all appears like a well thought plan of an enemy which wants to weaken the youth and future of nations and world as a whole, while a bigger plan is being worked out. An attack when people are non alert and numb in their virtual world. I see young girls so much into watsapp and other sites, busy typing away that they do not realise, they're being ogled at or even touched in a crowd!!! I know the war thought is an wild imagination (what if its true?), but it can be worked out that way! Because the people with a cause keep away from such addictions. But they addict and weaken others!

And all this data one shares on social networking sites is stored and used and who knows tomorrow might work against you!

It starts off with connecting with friends, then some of your office pests (for courtesy's sake!), your enemies through your friends, people you dislike and offensive messages from unknown strangers are the things you get as a package deal !!! You have to be careful, block, fear hackers! Your peace is devoid as things start affecting you and likewise you start affecting others too!!! Its just not worth it!

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