Monday, December 16, 2013

A portion of Halal eating

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Hi friends,
Those who want to know about what the term 'Halal' meat means must watch this video. This term is quite common to see and good news for many Muslims. With KFC offering Halaal meat, now this term is not alien to non Muslims as it was once! I remember once asking 'Pizza Hut' guy if they served Halaal meat, and the person seemed startled and confused. This was some 6-7 years ago! A lot has changed since. 
Of course, this video just mentions the first part of Halaal, that is reciting God's name before the slaughter. This has a magical effect on the animal. The other portions are the exact vein to be cut, so that the animal experiences least pain and the entire blood oozes out from the animal. Of course this has its own benefits and the meat tastes better. But lets dedicate this post only to Part 1 of Halal. Cause this is what the video sticks to. Worth a watch. Before you start watching, halaal simply means 'permissible'.

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