Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Misuse of Quranic verses...

Many (Muslims and non-Muslims ) quote Quranic verses out of context though some verses flow in continuity into others. Quoting verses for mischief is haraam. For example, refer to Ayat 86 of Surah An Nisa which states that a greeting should be returned with an equal greeting or a better one. In keeping with the practice, the greeting 'Assalaam alaikum' is returned with a 'Walaikum Salaam' or a better one (refer to my article on Surah An Nisa).
Some Muslim guys use this to tease Muslim girls. They call out 'Assalaam alaikum' on seeing a pretty girl and if the girl walks away with her head bowed down, they shout what kind of Muslim she is. All of us Muslims know that, the basis of every act in Islam, even Lawful, is 'Neeyat' or Intention. And without the right intention, the act itself is not complete. Even before offering the obligatory namaaz, the intention is stated silently or aloud. In this context, I'd only like to say that the intention of saying 'Assalaam alaikum' in cases as stated above is 'teasing' and not 'greeting', so if the girl does not return it, she is not at fault. Allah knows what is in our hearts.

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