Saturday, January 22, 2011

Khuda ke liye (For God's sake)

As I was listening to the title track of the 2007 bold Pakistani movie- 'Khuda ke Liye' which dared to present some facts on terrorism in the name of religion and question them too, I thought it makes sense to put it here. People continue to kill each other in the name of religion, though neither religion nor God preaches such things. This movie was also released in India and watched and appreciated by many - Muslims and non Muslims. Afterwards I'd heard of the film-makers being absconding by being 'wanted' for all the wrong reasons.....

I am pasting the lyrics of the lovely song (which makes us think) and is an appeal to people of all religions :


Khuda ke naam se khelo naa,
Khuda ke liye, Khuda ke liye
Khuda mera bhi hai, cheeno naa
Khuda ke liye, Khuda ke liye.
Khuda toh Azeem hai,
Raheem bhi,Kareem bhi,
Main kaise maan loon,
Ke bus Jabbar hai.
Khuda toh Aasaan hain, samjho naa.
Khuda ke liye, Khuda ke liye.
Khuda toh Haseen hai,
Jameel bhi, maatin bhi.
Yeh dil nahi maanta
ke bus Kahaar hai.
Khuda Rehmaan hai, mano naa.
Khuda ke liye, Khuda ke liye.
Khuda ke naam se, khelo naa.
Khuda ke liye, Khuda ke liye.
Khuda mera bhi hea, cheeno na.
Khuda ke liye, Khuda ke liye....

English translation :
Don't play with the name of God
For God's sake, for God's sake
God is mine too, don't steal Him from me.
For God's sake, for God's sake.
God is Magnificient,
He's Merciful and Generous too,
How do I believe that
He is just Powerful?
God is Simple.
Why don't you understand?
For God's sake, for God's sake?
God is Beautiful,
He's Lovely and Constant too,
My heart doesn't believe that
He's just Almighty.
God is Kind, believe me.
For God's sake, for God's sake.
Don't play with the name of God,
For God's sake, for God's sake.
God is mine too.
Don't steal Him from me.
For God's sake, for God's sake.


sk said...

I heard a lot about this movie. I think it has touched a very important issue which really needs to be addressed:

"A drift not only between the Western world and the Muslims, but also within the Muslims."

Even Naseeruddin Shah is also a part of this movie.
InshaAllah, someday, I would like to see this movie.

Shagufta said...

I've watched the movie when it was released in India some 3 years back.
Yes, Naseeruddin Shah is also part of it.
It's a bold depiction of what is happening in the world, even in Pakistan, though their Govt would never accept it.
Its a Question Mark to :
1)Innocent Muslims being targeted under Bush, eventually making them hate US and its allies and often wondering if terrorists are doing the right thing by targeting such people.
2)Some so-called Maulvis of Islam, who have half-read the texts and often depict a wrong picture of Islam and confuse many Muslims, often depicting God as someone who is sitting out there only to punish us (That's what the song is about... the 99 names of Allah, depicting His various qualities are not highlighted except a few tough ones! This scares youth)
3) Mischief mongers, whose agenda is to cause destruction because of reasons best known to them, but use religion as the base to recruit people for their dirty work!
According to me, the long speech Naseeruddin Shah gives in the end, a few parts need citation (as in Wiki language).
But one thing I've not understood till this day is why Pakis add Rahmatulla Alaih in front of Jinnah?

nida naz said...
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