Sunday, October 24, 2010

Inside the Bigg Boss house- unmasking the contestants!

It's funny how many people project a different image of themselves in public and what they are actually in real life! But equally funny is that these people manage to win people and the masses with this fake persona. And then there the 'frank' people who speak on the face and dare to call a spade a spade. The people who refuse to bow down, who refuse to say good things just because the situation demands it even if your heart doesn't agree. The people who show their dislikes and likes upfront. Sadly, these people are misunderstood and dropped (but its good in a way, coz the good ones will always understand and find them coz God wants it that way!) But these are the genuine people, whom who'll find to be even better-than-expectations at home. And what better place to see the true worth of people than at their own homes!!!

Take 'Bigg Boss's' house for example. Contrary to expectations and her public image, Sarah Khan has been a total let-down. Tearing your existing boyfriend's (whom she was about to marry) photographs to get close and friendly to Ashmit (maybe for the Bollywood connections!) is surely not on! And moreso, the way she 'throws' herself around the house is not ladylike. Veena Mallik from across the border is like a 'vamp' in the show. Aanchal has been cool and wonderful and very much a lady through the entire series (she's also the prettiest of the lot). Maybe because for her going on outdoor locales and staying with different kinds of people is very natural. While for others, it's more of 'new found freedom' combined with 'confinement' within the 4 walls, both at once! Seema Parihar, the ex-bandit, is very natural with her countryside touch to the series. Shweta Tiwari is difficult to understand, maybe because she's potraying herself like that!

Among the men, Samir Soni potrayed himself coolly earlier, but slowly his 'naqaab' (mask) is wearing off! How long can you have it on ? 24x7 ? Naah, the reality of a person comes out with confinement and 24x7 exposure to cameras! If people are used to abusing, using dirty words and project a different image to all, how long can you hold those bad words back? Hrishant is also used to a lot of bad words and gossip and backbiting. Manoj Tiwari who's image was again of a kind and mature person, sometimes behaves erratically on the show. He's avert to eating with 'all', was found throwing attitude stating that he has servants like Samir.... Many times he's found taking 'sole' decisions and has problems adjusting with others, though at heart he ''might'' be a good person! Khalli, the 'Hulk' has people in the house scared as well as respecting him, so he is enjoying his stay in the house. The chota Hulk, Rahul Bhat seems like a kid still living with his super-hero fantasies. He was very quiet till the moment Khalli arrived. And now he's totally in awe of the Big Hulk! The surprise package was 'Begum Nawazish Ali'. Though he's a cross dresser and no one never really knew what was on his mind or understood him fully, he carried himself well, was very chirpy and full of life in the house! Even outside he proved himself to be 'quick-witted' when Salman Khan threw questions at him! Begum seemed to have logical answers to every question.

This time there are a lot of girls in the house than previous shows. And most of them get along well and are managing the kitchen well too! In fact, the entire lot this time is young and are used to house work and have divided their work well. Moreover, most of the time they agree on things and get along, except the little older ones - Samir and Manoj. And thankfully till now the fact that all beds are in one room hasn't sparked off any controversy! The swimming pool was found to be used by the Small and Big Hulk only!

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