Monday, October 04, 2010

Controversial Big Boss 4

I was looking forward to Big Boss 4 this time because of Salman Khan. But the new format shown in the introductory episode makes me wonder whether it'll be watchable with family. The common bedroom for men and women, the common toilet, the open 'hamam' (bath) and the all controversial house-mates! An ex-Bandit, a thief who doesn't know to talk, a crying hero , a model who was forced to stay back in India, an advocate who represented a terrorist, a housewife turned sexy siren. And to top it all, a bomb and a cross-dresser from across the 'Islamic' border! There are a few who don't even seem to deserve a mention! Only two people made some sense to me - Manoj Tiwari and Sarah Khan! Hope they live up to my expectations!

With such controversial housemates in more controversial set-up, will the show be worth prime-time telecast? We agitated against bikini round in a Beauty Pageant held in India some years back. We had cases filed against improper dressing of some well-known dancers on their stage shows earlier. We used to object to kisses on screen and our censors gave an 'A' certificate to skin display! But we have more sizzling stuff on the small screen these days and all freely accessible to kids. The female hosts' clothes on TV are vanishing by the day, Rakhi even managed to kiss Salman on the introductory episode of Big Boss 4! And Don't our small screens also deserve a censor ? Shows telecast on US/ UK channels usually have a warning and age specification before any programme. We deserve one too!

There has been agitation from MNS for casting two Pakistanis. What we is needed was something against the format and indecent exposure at prime time! Our values seem to be fast changing!!! And also our priorities!

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