Monday, June 21, 2010


I witnessed a shocking event in the Ladies Class compartment on Saturday evening, on my way home from office. It reflects how our society is slowly getting poisoned ! There is a lot of venom filled inside people, but the outwardly projections are totally different. We are all becoming a bunch of hyprocrites! I'll write about it soon.... Keep watching this space for 'My name is Shaikh, and I am ............... !'


samurai said...

hi shagufta,
you seem to have recaptured the positive energy,despite what takes place on mumbai name is shaikh...sounds like there is something positive to come soon from you.
people,when in a melting pot,have no mooring,and give in to the desperation of the moment.
there is not a single religion out there,that helps people to understand,that every second is magical,as it never comes back...the closest that i can think of is saivism,but even the ageold simplicity has been infiltrated and corrupted by capitalism and the migrating factor.islam instils discipline,but is also easily lending itself to violent reprisal.the problem is that everyone wold want to live a simple life,but then,the other,with the other religion,is successful.this is unable to just be watched, as slowly,the other will end up choking all space.what we need to do is to get organised,and prefer simplicity.

Ye manzilen !! said...

I know what happened.....jaane do. Logon ka DNA racist hone laga hai.

Shagufta said...

As usual your philosophy, understanding of subjects, history, politics - is amazing ! In simplicity, u rightly said, lies the solution. But people mistaken simplicity for failure and losers! There's a brand of people within India, who condemn Mahatma Gandhi's doctrine of simplicity, whereas worlwide people respect his philosophy!

Shagufta said...

Shahidji, thanks for visiting my blog. You're not fully right about 'Racism', though it could be a part of the incident.
This incident was full of masala and made me angry and I also found it all quite funny! You can made a documentary on it.
Btw, what about your worshops for Muslim Youth Entreprenuership alongwith writer/ editor Rashmi Bansal? Why don't you have something similar for the youth at Mira Road ?