Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hot, hotter, hottest !!!

It's getting hotter and hotter by the day.

And as rains are nearing, its a little cloudy since the past few days. But this does not bring any relief to us. It only gets more hotter. Plus there's shortage of water.

In the southern interiors, the rains have started. In Mumbai, rains are just a week or two away, hopefully! And so is my birthday!!!

My birthdays always brought rains as I grew up. Only in the recent years, they've been unpredictable.

But now birthdays do not bring the same excitement as they did earlier. They just come and go. And you can't do anything about it except get old! But rains will always bring relief from heat! Mumbai monsoons have something romantic and exciting about them minus the floods. The all-season footwear is already in the market. Go then, buy your rain gear and get ready to get wet and say bye bye to sweat!

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