Tuesday, October 21, 2008

So much to write abt.....

Lot of things happening around me these days....
'Fraud autorickshawalla', 'midnight drama in Ladies First Class compartment', 'situation after 11 pm in Mumbai Local', 'tension in Mumbai due to Raj's arrest', 'Leelavati hospital on Amitabh's birthday'.
Have lots to write on. I wish I was a full time journalist. Then I would've written to my heart's content.
But very busy with work these days and some important event coming up at home keeping me busy throughout the week.
Maybe I'll write during the weekend if I get time.


sk said...

It must be very difficult for you to find time to satisfy your creative urges, and at the same time continue with your day time job and other engagements. I can understand this very well, and this is called "time-poverty". That's why I prefer to read other peoples blog and comment on them, and surely this is much easier.
But if your really think writing is your passion, you can start thinking in terms becoming a full time writer.
"Kahte hain ki agar kisi cheej ko dil se chaho to puri kayanaat use tumse milane ki kosis main lag jati hai......"
These words may sound filmy (from the movie Om Shanti Om), but are very powerful. Aajma ke dekho...

Shagufta said...

Your comments are too encouraging, though I am sure you're also a good (and maybe, better) writer than me, who doesn't write much. Thanks a lot. Let's see where life takes me

sk said...

Well, writing is not really what I'm passionate about. Basically I think a lot and have lots of feelings and ideas. But putting them in writing requires lots of efforts from my side. Maybe some people like you are gifted with this talent of putting thoughts into words. I am just trying to acquire this ability, and surely your words are very encouraging.

But you know, I feel very helpless at times. Media persons and writers keep on reporting things and we do all sort of drawing-room talks about issues affecting our country. But at the end of the day, I realize that people from whom I had expectations for some action on that issue, failed to act due to their own selfish reasons. Then I'm shattered and filled with feelings of helplessness, for not being in the position to do anything myself. And I don't know whom to look up to. Be it Orissa or Maharashtra, we are just silent spectators.

Then I just think of Mirza Gahlib's few lines:

"jab tavaqqo hee uth gayee Ghalib',
kyon kisee ka gila kare koee ?

[When there is no longer any expectations, "Ghalib"
Why should one have complaints with anybody?]