Monday, October 06, 2008

Forgive Us All, Dear God - A Prayer

What's happening in the world ?
There's hatred everywhere.
Some people kill people of the other faith and in retaliation, they kill some people from the first faith.
This will never stop.
Revenge, hatred. It will go on.....

Now it's not only the world. It's happening in India as well.
Bombs in the metros.
Killing of innocents. What for ?
According to the Qur'an, killing a person unjustly is the same as killing all of humanity, and saving a person is the same as saving all humanity.

Now there's killing of Christians in Orrisa.
Burning orphanages, which is the shelter for the homeless.
It takes a lot of effort to build a home for someone else. To break it, is the biggest sin.
Communal violence in Assam.

Hatred for each other.
Labelling each other.
Having misconceptions.
Who is it helping anyways?
The politicians, of course.
As they prepare for the elections.
Else, we people have nothing to gain out of this violence and hatred.
We are just destroying ourselves.
We all want Peace.
Let us strive for Peace.
Oh God! Forgive us All.
And show us the Right Path.


sk said...

Seeing the current situation in India, we really require the power of our prayers. The deteriorating situation has been well summarized in your prayer. Nothing seems to be working. Kahtein hain agar dawaa (medicine) kaam na karein to dua (prayers) be bharosa karna chahye.
Chalo ab yeh bhi kar ke dekh lete hain.....

Shagufta said...

Very true. Ameen !