Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Kabhi Tapti Dhoop, Kabhi Tej Barish

'Kabhi tapti dhoop, kabhi tej barish'... Hmmm, interesting lines. But no, I am not attempting to write any poem out here. I actually mean it literally. Talking about the weather these days, dearies!

For those who do not understand Urdu/ Hindi, let me translate the lines for you -
'Sometimes scorching heat, sometimes heavy rains'.
Even though, we're compelled to think of life in the same way, I am talking of the mercurial weather these days. It's as volatile as the current stock markets!

And the repurcussions ? Such highly volatile weather is directly proportional to the health of people in Mumbai. I am talking solely of the weather of my city because I am experiencing it and so is my health. Severe cold, cough and bad throat are results of being subjected to cold bouts after severe exposure to the sun and hot weather. This is referred to as 'Garm Sard' in Hindi. Of course, the common man who travels by train, road experiences the weather extremes more than those who live in regulated tempatures in their Air conditioned homes and cars.

The lines outside dispenseries have increased after the temperatures soared suddenly after rains subsided and then some days later we had short unannounced rains with lightning out of the scorching blues! To top it, the holy month of Ramzaan is also on, making it utmost necessary to watch what you eat, especially drink. No Faloodas and cold sherbets.

The other day while I left for office from Mira Road, there was a deluge of rain, leaving many wet since it had been sunny since many days. I hopped into a train. When the train moved into Dahisar, surprisingly it was no sign of a downpour. Then Borivali and Goregaon were equally dry. As train moved from Goregaon into Andheri area, again there was rain in the area. And it looked like it had been raining for a while. That day lightning had struck a few places in the morning too.

A typical scenario in offices these days : Someone coughs here- a light one, someone coughs from there - this one's right from the throat. Then a few minutes later, you hear a hollow, dry cough from somewhere nearby. Then after a while, a quick succession of coughs flow from someone sitting a few desks away! Ghosh, this one gets pacified only with water! It seems like one big 'coughing contest'. Then some people join in only to show that they're also suffering, fearing that one of the coughing contestants might rightfully ask for leave when situation worsens, and they might be left behind to work. So they also try to create a advance alibi !

I am reminded of that song :
Ol' Mac Donald had an office,
And in his office, he had people
The weather suddenly went bad
His people slowly fell ill with cold
With a 'cough, cough' here
And a 'cough, cough' there
Here a 'cough', there a 'cough',
Everywhere a 'cough, cough'
Old Mac Donald had some jerks
They also joined the coughwagon
So here a jerk, there a jerk,
And you had fake coughs,
Ha ha ha ha ho!

Generally in Indian culture, it is said that a severe bout of sudden coughing means someone's remembering you somewhere. I guess this is the season of remembrance! :)


sk said...

Hi Shagufta,
I accidentally came across your blog today. After reading a couple of stuffs about Mumbai, it made me feel very nostalgic. I like your style of writing and the way you describe things. Though now I'm out of Mumbai, I think I will enjoy reading your blogs on numerous interesting topics......

Shagufta said...

Welcome to my blog... hope to have many posts here in my busy schedule... And thanks for ur comments