Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hamara Rajiv Bajaj on Sahara

The Sahara people refer to him as 'Sir' in their other on-the-scene reportings. We have all seen him hosting the RKB Show. And he's none other than Rajiv K Bajaj. A few shows of his which I've watched, I felt that he tries to bring in his own personal likings/dislikes into the picture. He gives a thumbs-up to people he likes, he brings those people who'll promote his cause on the show and get his beliefs across. I was shocked to see a sadhu on his show on Independence Day, who kept giving bad words to every respectable freedom fighter and leader of our country, especially Mahatma Gandhi. Somehow over the years, we've made Gandhiji our big punching bag. Many political parties and people, who have failed to contribute much to the nation or are not capable of even doing so, blame it all on Gandhi. Why are we diluting his good work and sacrifice for the nation and passing on distorted history to the new generation? The world over people appreciate his calm nature, his sacrifice, his 'ahimsa' philosophy. Even the British bowed down to him finally and left us in peace. Then why are some people from his own country bad-mouthing him ? They see him not as being instrumental in getting India freedom, but as the one responsible for dividing the country. They forget that the many different princely territories united under him and formed a single country, but remember only that one part (Pakistan) could not be added to the nation. The situation at that time was such that there seemed no other solution. Still there are so many political differences between the two nations.

Of course, every freedom fighter from Bhagat Singh to Subhashchandra Bose made a contribution in their own way in their own regions and together the greater cause of freedom was accomplished. I remember reading about everyone's contribution in my school history texbooks. But definately, Gandhiji had a say and knew what to say because of his law background and his own example of giving up everything for other's cause. There might be many people who contribute towards a company's progress, but there is only one country head, then few regional heads and lesser still team leaders and so on..... It doesn't make anyone less important. But people move according to their dynamism than just contribution.

To have someone bad-mouthing the country's great leaders on Independence Day was definately in bad taste. Why even give importance to such people by calling them on shows and making them talk and not knowing when to cut-in and stop short any offensive remark? I listened for 10 mins and didn't feel the need to surf back to the channel again.

The other day, the show had Rakhi Sawant commenting on why there was a toilet built opposite freedom fighter, Rajguru's house, which has broken down now. And it went on and on.... with the host's giggles added in between.

Whatever the topic on the show, 'hamara Bajaj' shows his personal likes and dislikes with his smiles, giggles and frowns which makes it sound so unprofessional and kiddish. As a media personnel or as anyone in an important position, the main criteria is to be neutral to the topic, know when to cut short a remark before it turns offensive and to keep your facial expressions minimal and professional. All this is important to avoid having disturbance in the country. If you can't be a professional, you gotta quit the show or scrap it.


sk said...

Personally I feel the ideologies of those people who are or were against Mahatma Gandhi, or put an end to his life, are the biggest threat to this country. Because of these people, the whole country is suffering. The mindsets of these people are trying to stop India from moving forward. It really makes me feel sad to see some of the educated masses joining this dangerous mindset. Do we have any solution to put an end to this biggest threat??

Shagufta said...

Rightly said, sk. There seems to be no end to such negative thoughts. Everyone thinks that if he/she was in the situation, things would have been different. But in fact, we might have been worse off. Negativity breeds more negativity and it just doesn't seem to stop.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving comments.

rageaddict said...

Journalism means you need to show things in an unbiased nature. So even if you know someone or something has done bad or is then bad then as a journalist you are required to balance your views even though you know they are wrong. Journalists are also known as moral cowards.

This is where RKB doesn't fit in journalism. He expressed views that defined "journalism" and hence got him in trouble. His idea of giving everyone a platform to express his views are not taken lightly by some people. Astrologers, Radical islamists, mullahs etc etc all got a mouthpiece for them.

Actually, i learned to enjoy this guy on tv. He creates a vibe of simplicity unlike a few wannabe professional media hoochus who make simple things sound undesirable technical jargon. Good luck to them and there audience - how much are they? 2% of the population?

sachin said...

they only talk truth....... some of the persons may thinking opposise due to their disputes with the REAL TRUTH......... personally i never watch news channel........ but i watch after watching RKB show.............. coz......... the only discuss TRUTH..................