Monday, June 09, 2008


Shayad fir se who taqdir mil jaye,
Jiwan ka sabse haseen who pal mil jaye,
Chal firse banaye barish mein kagaz ki naav,
Shayad vapas apna bachpan mil jaye.
Happy Monsoon.

Yippee! Monsoon’s here. And as always it come around my birthday. Though there were drizzles on 5th June, the actual rains started pouring in on my birthday, 6th June. And it’s been raining in full swing since then.

It’s so cool now after those hot weeks. This year, the summer was the hottest and created a havoc with diseases. It even saw people getting chicken pox, which is rare to see in these times. But summer’s passĂ© now. The last two days has made the climate very cool. It’s like nature’s naturally air conditioned.

People are already planning rain picnics to beaches and hill stations around Mumbai.

Monsoon’s wonderful. But Mumbai’s dirty roads and bad drainage sometimes irritate you. The railway services, which is the lifeline of Mumbai’s transport system is the first to get disrupted in the rains.

Just two days have caused havoc in many places. And this year very heavy rains like the unforgettable July 26 are predicted. Let’s hope for a wonderful and harmless monsoon.

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