Monday, May 26, 2008

Heatwave in Mumbai

Mumbai is going through a worst heatwave that I've seen. And it's a long one beginning March. People are having all the symptons and diseases associated with such dreaded heat. Mouth ulcers, stomach ulcers and burns, heat boils, bleeding, loose motions. Everyday you hear someone having one problem or the other. Older people with blood pressure problems are collapsing and being admitted to hospitals. Air conditioners are still a luxury in India. You can't sleep through the night with the heat bugging and sometimes even suffocating you. I just can't bear this suffering. Stepping out in the sun is like taking up an AXN Challenge. But then we should be rewarded for doing so.

While God has blessed the city of Delhi with rains after the heat and so also Pune with some of it, Mumbai is yet to bathe in the cool showers from heaven.

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