Sunday, April 09, 2006

Maine Gandhi ko nahin Maara

Hmm.... Its so true! Nopes, I didn't kill Gandhi. We all Indians did! Over the years, the respect for Gandhiji's philosophy of 'Ahimsa' (non-violence) has died in the hearts of all Indians. When we had just tasted the new found freedom of being a 'free' country, we spoke a lot about the man who was born Mohanlal Karamchand Gandhi. He earned a lot of respect from the people who later called him Gandhiji. And when he struggled a lot for India's freedom and eventually even managed to make it a free nation with his non-violence strategy, we called him the Mahatma and gave him the title of 'Father of the Nation'.
But just like we have lost respect for our own fathers, who would care more for the father of the nation! I have seen people losing respect over the years for the great Mahatma. Now, we have taken our independence for granted and speak from the comforts of our houses what Gandhi should have done and shouldn't have. People even feel that his philosophy was crap and the revolutionary struggle led by Bhagat Singh and others was more appealing. Of course, both were right in their own ways. But of course, the ahimsa philosophy and Gandhi's cool temperament and knowledge of law eventually won us our freedom. Of course, the struggle wasn't very easy for him in the final stages when his own followers had contradictory ideas which eventually led to the formation of a separate country based on religion. It was as painful for him as it was for all other Indians. But the situation then and pressures, left him with no option. We, without, shedding a single drop of blood sit and bad mouth the Mahatma these days, especially some political parties. And let us not forget that the one who killed him was also an Indian who was filled with vemon in his heart for him. If he wouldn't have been killed then, some other Indian who hated his philosophy would have!
And yeah Gandhi is killed everyday even today, when we talk rubbish about him. Its the Indians, who have nearly forgotten him and his philosophy of Ahimsa and Satyamev Jayate, but the world still respects him as a Great Man. And he continues to live through people who still respect him.
I have always respected his struggle, his sacrifice for the nation (wherein he gave up all luxuries including good clothes) and his respect for all religions and humans. It saddens me when some revolutionaries are glorified at the expense of Gandhi. I wanted to voice my opinion since a long time. When I saw the movie 'Maine Gandhi ko Nahin Maara', I was touched and felt that this was the right time to pay my due respect to the 'Father of the Nation'.
As for the movie, I'll say it is well-made. And rightly won the National Award.

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