Sunday, April 02, 2006

Banking is a thankless job

Hmm..... Finally got some time to write something after making this blog. Had been busy with financial year end activities (Apr- Mar is the Financial year in India). Being a banker isn't easy these days, what with banks offering an array of products and we, poor things (the employees) burning the midnight oil to keep up to the promises the top management makes!!! Of course, managment leaves at 6.30 pm / 7.00 pm or so.... and we the 'commoners' burn the midnight lamp, as they say!

31 st March.... hmm... the most dreaded day, has finally passed. We worked for 13 hours at a stretch ! Banking is such a thankless job, yaar. You slog day and night and no one notices. But one mistake in 100 transactions and you're hit from the customer as well as bosses! :-(

Banking is been part of me right from childhood. My Dad was in the central bank of India, RBI. But the functions of RBI are different from a normal bank. Though my Dad wanted me to be a banker like him, I was inclined towards the arts - writing, painting, reading etc. I used to dread being a banker always. For me, once banking meant being a cashier and counting cash. The thought of handling cash always scared me. And still does! I wanted to be a journalist/ writer. But fate finally landed me in a bank. But thankfully not in the cashier's place. I was part of corporate banking whereas cashier is part of retail banking. Its been 8 years now since I took up banking and my life has come to a standstill. The long hours never left me any time to live my life the way I wanted. No time for self, for friends, for family..... I told everyone to wait. But eventually life itself didn't wait for me.

So here, I sit alone in life...... of course, my parents and siblings are always there with me.... but something is still lacking. Is banking worth all my life that went into it? Only for what? Banking is such a thankless job!

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