Sunday, February 26, 2017

Train Travails

The travel problem in Mumbai trains is getting worse.

The biggest sarcasm that railway plays on commuters is announcing : "Train ke paidaano par khada rahna ya train se bahaar jhaakna khatarnaak hai...." While that is true, it is joke on our condition. There is a girl who travels daily, who every time she hears that, says "I am going to find her and bash her up"! And we all laugh.

There are times when even after 45 mins wait, I am unable to get into a train. Though there are people (even women and college girls) who travel hanging if they just get half a foothold on the footboard. I can't do that. Though sometimes I get answerable in office for it. And not is it advisable for anyone to take that risk. Everything can be replaced except your life and your body.

A cousin's son fell off a train last year. Thankfully, it was near Dahisar station when train had slowed down. So he was injured on his spine and head, but was out of Danger, by God's grace.

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