Thursday, June 23, 2016

Hanging for life! Virar Locals

Commuting from far in crowd in Virar locals is a task. Especially from mid stations like Dahisar, Mira Road. Yesterday a lady in desperation to get into train after missing two, somehow tried to push herself into a train (even though there was no scope for more people getting in) and it started moving. Then when she decided to let go, her hand got stuck inside between women inside. I tried to hold her waist and pull her out. But, due to fasting, my energy was limited. And train started moving ahead. Fortunately, a man some steps ahead (where the ladies compartment ends) came to the rescue and pulled her fully out with force and she fell on platform with a thud. Thankfully, it was not inside the gap. Her dupatta got pulled away inside the train as it sped off. And she seemed more worried about that. The man told her, 'dupattey bahut aayenge, jaan wapas nahin aati'. 

Imagine her being dragged like that outside the platform. She would've been bruised first, then killed. She seemed so shocked and dazed, she didn't thank the man and vanished somewhere. Maybe to try another stunt with next train. I never try such 'hanging from train' stunts. If it's too crowded, I don't attempt getting in. For me, life is more important. And if I die, I want to be remembered in a nice and respectful way. Not as the foolish lady who didn't have enough sense.

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