Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Intolerance - A Danger Phrase

Danger Phrases and Power Phrases is now my favourite topic, thanks to Dan O'Connor (check his videos on the topic and his book 'Say This -Not That!')

And I've seen how using danger phrases can ruin things or make a message ineffective. It can also cause a stir.

Sensitive as we Indians are, every word we speak should be with care. We know how the word 'intolerance' caused a furore in the nation. Of late we have seen a number of people use that word. However, it remains a negative/ danger word. And while speaking or giving feedback, people like to be associated with positive words.

I have been wondering about a suitable Power Phrase for the word Intolerance. And this is what I think fits the bill : 'Being more accepting of others'. 

So if you want to point to someone that they are being intolerant, the better way to say it will be 'You should be more accepting of different viewpoints as well'. This sounds much milder than telling someone 'You are intolerant'. If you say that, be prepared for a bashing. It will stem out of the thought 'okay, so I am intolerant, let me show you how far I can go with that'!

A powerful communicator is one who speaks positively and effectively and avoids danger phrases. Everyone should make a Danger Phrase list from our experiences and find a Power Phrase for it and incorporate it in our communication.