Sunday, January 10, 2016

Some relevations... for pregnant women

It's interesting to know that St Elizabeth (wife of Zechariah and mother of John, the Baptist, known as Prophet Yahya to Muslims) is considered to be patron saint for pregnant women, while Muslim women look up to Maryam (Mary) during pregnancy and difficult times.

Some years back I had got to know of Maryam phool (flower) which some keep in water at home while some lady is delivering. It is supposed to bloom. And is believed to ease the pain. Though there are no actual religious references to such a practice in any religious texts. Still I consider it amazing. 

But yes, it is recommended to read the verses of Surah Maryam when in difficulty. That verse is elaborate on the pains Mary went through during her pregnancy.

While on Surah Maryam, another amazing thing is that the verses about Gabriel Angel delivering the news of birth of Yahya to Prophet Zechariah is similar to some verses in the Bible. Only thing different is that Quran mentions that when Zechariah asks for a sign, the Angel tells him that he will not speak for 3 days. While Bible mentions a longer period.

There are lots of Chapters which cover Moses. Musa Alaihissalaam has been mentioned 136 times in the Quran. Whereas Jesus (Isa alaihissalaam) is mentioned 25 times. Since the Quran was revealed to an illiterate man, Prophet Mohammed over a span of 23 years by Gabriel Angel, so Mohammed's name appears only 4 times. Mary is the only lady to have a whole Chapter on her. She is considered one of the 4 best ladies (others being Aasiya, wife of Phiraun, Fatima, daughter of Prophet Mohammed and Khadeeja, first wife of Mohammed).