Monday, January 20, 2014

Hope is a Miraculous medicine

Hope is a miraculous medicine.
It is the reason why many betrayed people do not end their lives.
It is the cause of smile on sad hearts.
It is the basis of survival through difficult situations.

If you keep hope alive, you keep dreams alive.
Hope makes people who are ill, laugh.
Hope scares away fears even when you have everything to fear about.
Hope makes way even when you reach a dead end.

I like this ad of Coca Cola. It has different versions based on the country it is aired in.

Sunshine waali dhoop, ummeedon waali aasha. 
Roney ke bahane kam, hasney ke bahane zyada.
Such lovely lines. 
Even when you have been betrayed by people who you trusted, its nice to know that there are many people out there who are self-lessly helping/ aiding orphans, the destitutes and even the unknown somewhere.
For every suicide that takes places, there are several who are ascertaining their belief and emerging stronger.
For every hungry homeless person on the road, there are many given a shelter and food in NGOs, ashrams or orphanges.
There are many who die due to severe cold, but many out there are surviving because some kind souls have distributed blankets.
You may come across many snobs, liars, untrustworthy people but you still have good old friends and family who will swear and stand by you, no matter what.
Sometimes the presence of the Good in the sea of bad, stops your tears. And just for the sake of the good that exists through hope and otherwise around you, is reason enough to smile.

For everyone out there, who feels that the world has ended and it pointless carrying on with life or want to shun the world, remember that the one who wins even after failure, is the true winner. 

Those who feel that all that remains is just tears and are feeling suicidal, do reverse therapy. Watch funny videos, learn a new skill / hobby and get busy making things, read thrillers, watch dare-devil shows, go on a holiday with friends or read about all the good people and also stories of inspiration. If you want to waste your life, think about living for a cause! Look for a cause and there are a plenty. 

Of course Hope is nothing without Patience. Keep patience. Pray. Hope for the best. God will do the rest.
There are less reasons to cry and many reasons to smile for! Keep your self esteem and do not underestimate your worth ever. Those who have done bad, let them cry. Don't reverse the order.

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