Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I want to be happy

I want to be happy
I want to be alive.
Once upon a time when I lived
I loved music, painting and writing.
Now it’s only banking.
And working day and night
And craving to see daylight.
Else its only tubelights and huge monitors,
And a few minutes to grab a bite!
Today my little moments of joy
Are just seeing daylight on Sundays,
Having a meal on time,
Sitting with family on weekends;
My weekends only mean a Sunday.
My idea of an outing
Means going to office by road instead of train
So that I catch a glimpse of the city;
And once in a while, a movie with siblings!
I use ‘kajal’ not as a cosmetic,
But to keep my eyes cool.
I’ve not seen the South, Central of Mumbai for months
‘Coz I do not have time.
I am just a zombie now.
Just work, office and me!
I want to be alive again.
Just me, love, and things I like.
I used to smile a lot earlier
But want life to smile at me now
Pic courtesy : www.lovingwhisper.com


sk said...

I suggest you should read this book:

"The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne.

May be it can change your life....

Shagufta said...

Uh? No time for that...
I only need these things now to change my life
1) Change of work environment and better timings
2) Marriage
3) Kids
Just expecting the basic things from life, yaar!

sk said...

Well, some people really have to struggle for even the basic things in life. The same things others get very easily, without having to think twice. That’s the way life is, and at times it’s frustrating. But then, “naaumeedi kufr ki nishaani hai”.
If you want these things then you have to attract these things into your life. That’s called “The Law of Attraction”. This is what this book is all about.
I still recommend, you should find some time to read this book. At least read a couple of pages before you go to sleep…..

Shagufta said...

''Some people really have to struggle for even the basic things in life'' - kya patey ki baat keh di ! I guess God has higher expectations from some people.

Thanks for your kind words, which have already had their impact.

I'll try to get hold of the book

sk said...

May Allah fulfill all your wishes....

Shagufta said...

Thanks for your kind wishes... Ameen. After u told me about the secret, 'it' came searching for me by itself. I saw the film, then bought the book. Thanx