Friday, December 05, 2008

Let there be Normalcy

Everyone wants a better and safe life. Who doesn't? But will ridiculing all politicians and refusing to vote and hoping for Army Rule/ President's Rule help the country? It will create more chaos and make us more vulnerable to outside attacks and terrorism. It will also lead to Civil Unrest. Many countries have been destroyed in such Civil Disorders. It means spoiling our economy, projecting a poor international image of ourselves and causing more harm to our own people. It will lead to unending war within the country, with our own people. Indirectly, we will be doing what our enemies want to happen to us. We will be helping them (the terrorists) in spreading terror. And what they've failed to achieve till now (spreading terror in our hearts), they seem to be achieving slowly with such foolish and panic reactions of some people.
I've been receiving many mails and smses encouraging people not to light candles nor see victory in capturing the terrorists. They talk of the country not being safe to live in and not trusting government to save us. They're spreading the trend of not voting, fully untrusting the politicians and let Army Rule. Such mails and 'sms'es are spreading unrest in people and encouraging them to be angry and fight back our own government ! This is ridiculous! Are we becoming our own enemies? Have we started resenting 'Democracy' to such an extent? Don't we love our freedom? If President's Rule/ Army Rule comes, we will speak the language of hatred and bullets. Have we started detesting normalcy? Or we want a 'Saddam' or 'Zia' kinda rule in India? Army Rule is equal to Military Dictatorship. And President's Rule is enabled as a means for the central government to assert authority over a state if civil unrest (such as riots) occurred and the state government didn't have the means to end the unrest. Critics of president's rule argue that most of the time, it has been used as a pretext to dissolve state governments ruled by political opponents. Thus, it is seen by many as a threat to the federal state system.

We, Indians, are not so weak that we have started to believe Military Dictatorship or President's Rule is better than Democracy. We will all lose our rights of freedom. The same people who are freely talking all this, will not be allowed to open their mouths later if their wish comes true! Or are these mails being spread by Communist supporters or those who want to see India fail ? So exercise caution before forwarding such mails. Anger for what happened is understandable. But when anger exceeds limits, it leads to madness and chaos. And we do not want chaos in India. If you do not like the election candidates in the area, use the 49-O option. Speak to the election offices or the proper authorities and find out about your rights in this regard.

Our fight is against Terrorism. Not against any particular country only. Terrorism within the country as well as people from outside who are causing harm to our country, both should be destroyed and dealt with severely. The candlelight march on 4th Dec, 2008 turned out to be more of anti-Pakistan instead of anti-Terrorism. What about 'terrorism' hidden within the country? What about the terrorists who have been spreading terror in North East for so many years? Also, there have been many organisations within the country who have been spreading terror. Why are we suddenly awake and instead of uniting to fight terrorism, reacting like crazy people out to destroy our own country? We should've united and started revolting against this menace long back. But were we quiet because earlier only the common man was being a target of blasts and terror ? And we're awake only after realising that even the affluent aren't safe! In such times we need to relax and react coolly. We should not panic. Letting panic prevail is as good as letting terror prevail. And we're not terrorists! We want Peace and Normalcy.


samurai said...

a debate which should have taken place in all the years of normality is taking place now,after war has begun.
the debate now,should have been to debate the origins of this war and what is needed to be done to win this war.
TIMES NOW is debating vip ism now,in the middle of a war.
the electronic media is taking the easy way out and giving the people what they want,the good old times of politician bashing.
maybe it is their way of restoring normalcy.
maybe if we start debating the origins of the war,the terrorists would have won.
so,we postpone that debate to some other time.
the media has forgotten purohit and peerbhoy.
we feel good when we are targeting politician and pakistan.
sometime back,there was a report that the electronic media has no representation from the backward classes,if they had,different perspectives would have emerged.

Shagufta said...

You have a certain fire within you to make a change in India. And you've indepth knowledge of politics, going by the contents on your blog. I am still a learner with regards to politics. Right now we need young, revolutionary people like you in politics to make a positive change in India. Why not give it a thought? :)
I agree with your views completely. If terrorism would've been dealt with earlier, we wouldn't have such a big problem staring in our face. Right now, we are just escaping the main issues and diverting them to absurd things like letting Army rule instead of politcians!
Cowards start finding faults with others, when they themselves fail to face a situation.

sk said...

Shagufta, I really liked the points Samurai and you have brought forward. But, I feel it's still not too late to go back in history and find out where we have gone wrong. We can still take measures to rectify the wrong doings and promote the atmosphere of peace, harmony and trust. Here are a few examples which comes to my mind immediately:

Massacre of Sikhs - 1984 and the responsible Congress leaders still free.

Demolition of Babri Masjid and some of the leaders influential in the demolition still instated in high positions.

Mumbai riots and Justice B.N. Srikrishna Commission report, and till date, the recommendations of the Commission have neither been accepted nor acted upon by the Maharashtra Government.

Gujarat riots and state sponsorship of terror, and the partial reports from various commissions.

Persecution of Christian minorities in Orissa and Karnataka and Government failed to take any action.

The list will go on and on......

And these are our mistakes to which the whole of India has been silent spectators. If action was taken at the right time by the concerned people, the condition of India as a whole would have been different today.

Still we can take measures to put things right, to bring back the peace and trust among our people.
If the Government is reluctant to take corrective measures, we as citizens can get united to demand action.
But before that, we have to recognize and acknowledge the mistakes done in the past.

And the war on Gaza these days is one such atrocity, to which the whole world is a spectator. Don't you think some action could have been taken by the "self proclaimed guardians of world peace", to put an end to these massacres? Whom can the Palestinians look up to, if not the Arab world?

Shagufta said...

We may differ on some things here. But what we cannot go and change, we can take corrective steps for the future. But then in any case where two different parties have suffered, BOTH should be open to talks and be able to chalk out plans together for a better future! Sometimes just crying over spilt milk isn't the only solution. It will only bring old skeletons out of the cupboard. And bring to the fore things which have long died, or some leaders have already paid the price of it.

sk said...

To remove the stench, the skeletons have to be taken out. Especially when they keep piling up endlessly…

Shagufta said...

Skeletons give no stench, dear. It's the dead bodies that do. Accidents / incidents are forgotten, but the issues that they leave behind remain. Hence we need to work out a solution to resolve future mishaps.

We can never go back and change was has already happened.

Do you know that the Muslims for many years faced Masjid-e-Aqsa while offering namaaz? And later it was conveyed to our beloved Prophet to change the direction towards Holy Kaaba? God knows everything and certain things are pre-written. As this is not a Islamic forum, discussing the matter here will make no sense to many. Inshallah, hope to start a blog / website on Islamic topics some day. My other website is also non-functional due to my job.