Sunday, February 17, 2008

Getting Hotter

Its suddenly getting hotter since the past 4-5 days. There seems to be no 'in-between weather' in Mumbai. And a cold climate just doesn't seem meant for Mumbai at all! And Mumbaikars like it this way only! Instead of enjoying the cool winters, many seem to like the hot weather. Not that temperatures would have even fallen below 5 degrees here or even below 8 degrees!!! I heard a few women talking in train that it was good to feel warmer and being able to switch on the fans! But these very people will start grumbling even when temperatures will soar higher! To each his own!

I enjoy the right kind of winters, which never visit Mumbai. This year was an exception. One can always combat a winter by wearing warm clothes, switching off the AC, fan etc. But we can't beat a summer! You have to bear it. At the most, you can switch on the AC. But only if you have one or only when you're indoors! Else you gotta get sweaty, dehydrated and tanned! And above all feel lazy and lethargic! I missed the winter which visited Mumbai this year!

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